Hi, my name is Andy Reid and I am a first year student at UUC, studying Interactive Media. This webpage has been designed using html and CSS, and created for assessment in MED108.

Picasso famously said "Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up", and in today's age of technology, artists need to adapt to the needs of the emerging creative industry. People aren't interested in oil paintings for their business, they want new opportunities to market to new audiences around the globe. So who am I? Good question! My name is Andy (if you haven't figured that out by now) and I'm trying to develop my skills and understanding around this industry to create innovative and original content, to give you - the client - something to brag about.

"Picasso is dead. Steve Jobs is dead. I'm dead."

- Kanye West 2015

To date (November 2017), I have been exploring the world of design for 15 months, teaching myself programs such as Photoshop, Indesign and Lightroom as well as working as I learn, through two year long internships for a Youth Organisation called Exodus and my local church called Lagan Valley Vineyard. Although I am very new to the media industry, I have a passion to learn and an eye for design (to quote a Peruvian missionary called Chris).

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My interest for all things design originates from photography. Having received my first camera for my 20th birthday, I began to collect pictures from locations all over Northern Ireland and beyond, into Europe. I'm very thankful to my family for this, as they sparked my passion by giving me a camera. Thanks Dad!

Below are several experiences from opportunities I have had in the past, where I have been blessed to work with talented photographers,and underwent a night-time course at the Bangor SERC for leisure photography.

Graphic Design

Having learned Photoshop and Indesign alongside creating material, I have developed an eye for what is current, innovative and I'm constantly trying to see what is coming next for design. I'm inspired by the modernism movement from the 1960s, as well as the neo-modernism which we see today in society.

I have created numerous banners through community projects, posters and also social media material for the youth organisation and church I worked with, developing branding for Summer Teams and even had the privledge of designing clothing for over 700 young people.

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New Ventures

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During my Year out interning, I found myself working with numerous skilled professionals (such as Chris Semple Photography and Head and Heart Films) and in doing so, I found my interests expand into videography, and actually telling a story through film. My eyes were opened to this powerful tool which we neglect daily, and I have found a passion to document things which are happening on our streets and in our land and I'm looking to expand on this experience.

Website Development

This section of design is the newest to me, as I had never looked at code before beginning Ulster University this year. However, I am fascinated by this way of developing a product to host the clients business or organisation and have been going through a module in University which is comprised of lectures for inspiration, and workshops for hands-on experience on how to code. I have recently began to find my feet on this module, and have become relatively proficient in HTML and CSS.

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